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With a backdrop of sweet orange trees and spectacular views of the San Bernardino mountains, the wedding venue at The Grove is simply breathtaking. An expansive grassy lawn, an orchard filled with the sweet scent of blossoming oranges, a fountain that provides a quiet place of reflection, all that will delight your guests and provide you with the perfect paradise setting for your dream wedding. Luxurious rooms for the bride and groom and graceful gardens make The Grove the perfect choice for your wedding.



Only at The Grove can couples experience a ceremony like nothing else. A pergola crown made of hand-crafted wood sits at the end of a manicured lawn that leans into the San Ana River sky. The Earth seems to fall away, and on all sides a panoramic view of lush greens, sparkling fountains, distant mountains and sky forms around the bride and groom. There is a natural majesty of the surroundings and the feeling that the whole world has taken pause for this special moment. This is the outdoor ceremony that every bride dreams of for her special day.



We offer our event venue for groups of all interests. Whether it be a focused meeting, challenging team development, or simply to unwind, our classic elegance and fresh orchard air will promote creative problem solving, and be a catalyst for your team’s creative ideas! As you forget the daily distractions of the office environment you will be spurred to effective learning and collaboration. You should leave freshly inspired and empowered to achieve each of your challenging goals.

Bridal Cottage

The spacious bridal cottage provides elegant getting ready space including a kitchenette, vanity, two restrooms, shower, dressing room, and living area. Be hair & makeup ready, take beautiful photos of your dress, and settle in before your "I do's" 

Grooms Treehouse

A perfect hide-a-away - the grooms area includes the treehouse with a restroom, TVs, lounge seating, a putting green, succulent garden, and unforgettable views of the venue grounds as you await your bride.

The Barn Reception

The covered barn sets the stage for your reception. Look in from your reception tables to the dance party, and buffet & dessert tables. The Barn includes a full kitchen, attached outdoor bar, fire pit, and vendor room.

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